5000 SQM

  • Designing a luxury hostel requires a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort to create an exceptional experience for students, The Concept was to develop a place which not only provide a home feeling to locals but also to invite foreign students.
  • It Is a blend of extravagance and functionality. 
  • The aim is to provide an upscale experience while fostering a communal and inviting atmosphere for travelers seeking comfort and style. 
  • To Prevent The Dilation & highlight The Building among others institutional building , the main focus was on visual appearance to provide a contrast look within the institutional surrounding there was a play with pop-up colors and DIFFUSE blocking of building. 
  • This building also consist of 2 floors of commercial which invites the involvement of students as there group discussion areas. 
  • Employ high-quality finishes, luxurious textiles, and elegant furnishings to elevate the interior design. 
  • Design inviting communal spaces like lounges, reading areas, and entertainment zones, furnished with plush seating, high-end decor, and modern amenities. Incorporate unique architectural features such as a striking facade, use of high-quality materials, and innovative designs that create a sense of opulence. 

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